About us

Plenty of welcomes!

Summing up how your experience at Plenty is going to be in one word; EXTRAORDINARY!

The uniqueness of this place will amaze you, it’s a spot where you can find all what you want, from shopping from all places to grooming and entertainment, Plenty of pleasants.

At Plenty, we deliver the ultimate experience through our prime location, website, and application, and we strive to make your journey as satisfying as possible.

Plenty of international concepts are gathered with a Saudi vision, where we proudly and selectively created our own brands under one platform to meet all your needs and wishes, as we always go above average, and constantly evolving and innovating.

Expect the unexpected. Ever Enough!

Our Brands

Goka Sakana

For the ones who call themselves Sushi devoted!

You are about to live your best Japanese experience..

Here is how it’s going to be.. Our creative chefs will perfectly combine the finest ingredients, cook them with a Japanese spirit in front of you, then plate them for you in a deliciously appealing look and taste.

Every Japanese food lover will find his perfect pair of the Elegant Fish (Goka Sakana).


Where souls, laughters, elegance, good food, magnificent atmosphere and literally everything is hyphenated..

Feel the connection between our international exquisite palates and yourself, in a luxurious and pleasant ambience in two lounges; an indoor cozy yet welcoming lounge and an outdoor lounge overlooking Riyadh’s skyline -exactly where hyphen’s concept was brought from-.


Longing for the taste of Italy? Join us at Perimeter where we take great pride in using only the finest ingredients in order to bring you the most authentic pizza possible. Our warm and cozy atmosphere is filled with the aroma of mozzarella, fresh basil and woodfired dough, all made and served in front you.

At Perimeter, get ready to unleash an experience and taste like no other. You'll say you finally found your new favourite pizzeria spot!


Surf in Mykonos’s waves of flavors with each bite of our Greek cuisine’s fresh and delicious dishes. We brought authentic and appetizing recipes in a true Greek style, served in a bistro-esque setting to take you on a tasteful journey to the Mediterranean atmosphere.


The place where nutrition meets tasty flavors; proper pallets of our selection of wholesome snacks packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. We are committed to delivering freshness and quality to meet any taste buds.

Visit us, and discover healthy food in a new way: trendy, tasty, and desirable.


Prepare to cleanse your mind, body and soul!

We are obsessed with quality and using only the most wholesome and organic fruits and vegetables by inventing new tasteful combinations. Grip and sip your cup of Solid, and experience the tropical state of mind. Flavor just got a whole lot fresher!


Combining perfectly roasted and richly brewed cups of coffee with an overarching skylight, Sada offers a unique atmosphere for all creative thinkers and coffee lovers. It is simply brewed, simply put, and simply created to be a zone of your own..


Treat yourself with an exceptional indulgence, a silky and creamy texture of our delicately crafted desserts with the finest ingredients, and the richest flavors, softly served.

Linen is absolutely your favorite fun sweet corner.


An exposure of talented designers in a luxurious retail space. You will Roam around and discover edgy yet glamorous pieces that combine fashion and art, revealing unique designers and distinguished artists, we carefully select inspiring items that will dazzle and enchant you. Explore and walk around between Plenty of different sections in our specially made space for everyone who’s looking for excellence, we know that you won't be passing by without finding a unique piece that speaks to your soul.

52 Rendezvous

Missing the hustle and bustle of weekend markets from around the world? Here are your 52 Rendezvous! Join our community at Saudi's most consistent weekend market! If you have anything you wish to sell or buy, we are offering you a platform of Plenty of stuff where anything and everything is accepted! All you need to do is to check and participate in the upcoming event.

We nurture creativity, crafts and the spirit of community.


Skirts, your nail spot where you will find the best services in nail enhancements, manicures and pedicures in town! Stop by and spoil yourself and relax as our certified nail technicians leave you glammed and glowing.

Visit us, and flaunt your femininity with nail elegance!


Let us blow the noise and quite the ladies in a few minutes!

Are you late? Your hair is a mess? Give us a few minutes, and you will come out with a “hair-goals” look! Our certified professionals blend artistry and skill to make sure you don't only look your best but silently shout it out for the world to see and hear!

You may come in feeling Noise but you will leave feeling Poise.


For the well-mannered, a modern perspective of shaving has been revealed!

At Manners, we got it all, from cutting edge shaving and grooming to manicures and maintenance. We behave and respect the shave, pull up our leather chair and our experts will empower and encourage you to take on the world while having our perfectly brewed sip of coffee!